St Ayles Skiff Rowing

Designed by an Australian, based on a Scottish Dory, there is now a community of over 200 St Ayle skiffs around the world.mHave a look on youtube or the St Ayle skiff Association of Australia.

Currently in Australia there are around 20 skiffs built, plus more under construction. In Victoria there are 7, with Mordialloc‚ being the 8th . Other skiffs are located in Warnambool, Geelong, Williamstown, Melbourne & Leongatha. As you can see we have the only St Ayle skiff on the south east side of Port Phillip.


The formula used by other communities is to bring together various people to build the skiff from the kit of laminated timbers, then have it rowed by various community groups on a weekly basis, on different days throughout the week.  


To those who are adverse to sailing, rowing in a proven safely designed skiff offers the opportunity to appreciate their own coast line in a very different manner & often for the first time. We enjoy it , why not share it.  With a limited set up prior to launch, time and preparation are kept to a minimum, enabling more actual time on the water. The same goes for retrieval and storage. State and International regattas are held regularly, with visiting crews informing to row local skiffs. Skiffs have been rowed on the Yarra, Murray, Goulburn & Glenelg rivers and at Nagambie, Mallacutta lakes. They can provide memorable experiences, versatility, enjoyment & beauty of new scenery.  

By introducing new people to our club, it will help us to survive well into the future by being flexible and providing valuable experiences for our own local community.


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