The Boat

The Tasar is a ‘one design’  lightweight, fibreglass high performance two person dinghy. It is ideal for total crew weights between  120 – 160 kg with the wide weight  range attributable to the extreme adaptability afforded by its flexible mast, movable shroulds and adjustable diamonds. The boat is very fast and light and is easily sailed up to 12 knots requiring increasing skill thereafter.  The boat is extremely strong and durable and older boats up to 25 to 30 years remain just as fast as the newest boats as long as they have been well maintained around the minimum weight of 68kg. This makes the class very affordable to enter from a racing perspective.  The boat is very rewarding to sail due to its extremely comfortable seating for both skipper and crew relative to most other dinghies, its high pointing ability, ability to plane upwind, fast reaching at speeds up to 15knots and speed in light air.

The Class

The Class is supported by active associations in every state and there is racing for all levels from weekend club racing to state, national and world championships. Links to the state, national and world associations web pages are:

www.Tasar.com.au    – State and National

www.tasar.org    – World

Mordialloc Tasars

Tasar’s are a strong ‘one design’ class at MSC with an active 3-7 boats sailing and racing on a regular basis. Mordialloc is committed to growing the class and provides regular training and learn to sail sessions for new and existing members.

If you are an experienced sailor and are interested in sailing a Tasar at Mordialloc Sailing Club or simply would like to learn to sail a Tasar contact the Mordialloc Tasar Club Representative,  David Elmslie on 0419 880 976