Latest Update!

Saturday 28th November: Eased restrictions now allow for two & three up sailing to resume!. There are still restrictions – see below.


  • Organised club racing and training for all members (adults and youth) can resume. This includes double handed dinghies and all forms of fully crewed keel boats, trailables and sports boats.
  • Masks and social distancing are no longer required while sailing
  • There is no limit on the number of boats on the water for racing or training.
  • Group sizes limited to 50 people (subject to a density quotient of 1 per  4sqm) in rigging area, keeping 1.5m social distancing unless wearing masks. Multiple groups of 50 to be separated by a clear and reasonable gap.


  1. Stay away if you have any COVID19 symptoms.
    Get tested instead.
  2. Register your attendance at the club using the club’s the QR code (on display at the club) or NOW on the Sailor App there is a separate button. (You may have to download the FREE QR scan app from the app store. (Many iPhones have this app already) Also try to remember to scan the out code when you depart.)
  3. To minimise congestion and allow traffic flow we have made some doorways only one way – see Plan HERE
  4. Always wear a mask indoors or where physical distancing (1.5m) is not possible. (unless you have a legal exemption). Australian Sailing have advised you don’t need to wear a mask on the water if sailing solo or with household members.
  5. Sign on for racing using the NEW Sailor App (Nothing to do with QR codes) – more details here.
  6. Change rooms are open but space is limited. Australian Sailing discourage congregating. Parents can help their kids.
  7. The sailing committee have additional procedures for race management and rescue boats.
  8. On shore: keep 1.5 m from others. No more than 10 in a group. Do not kiss, hug or shake hands. Masks do not have to be worn while outside if you can maintain 1.5m distancing.
  9. You can use the toilets and change room but 1.5m distancing remains with limited numbers allowed.
  10. Limit time indoors. The clubroom will not be open for hanging round.
  11. The canteen will be open from 10.00 am until 1.00 pm with limited capacity serving Coffee/Tea/Limited Soft drinks/ bottled water, Pre packaged sandwiches, Muffins & Ice creams available. A maximum of 20 (in two spaces of 10 people) on the upper level. You are strongly encouraged to use cards rather than cash.
  12. The Bar will be open after sailing for a short time, but no congregating, a maximum of 20 (in two spaces of 10 people) on the lower level.
  13. Clean your equipment before and after sailing.
  14. Australian Sailing also encourage you to get a flu shot and download the COVID safe app.
  15. Check these rules every time you go sailing.