NEW Sailor App for MSC

Sailor App – For the parents/competitors

MSC is using an app called “Sailor” for various club functions. A competitor/parent version of the app can be downloaded from the app store onto smart phones and ipads.

If you have previously loaded the Sailor App, please delete it and load the latest version. When you load the app, go the “Club” tab and select “Mordialloc Sailing Club”
The app will be used by competitors to sign on and sign off for racing. When you go to sign on the first time, you will receive a once off 6 digit verification code you must enter to allow you to continue. The app will also provide access to sailing instructions, club notices and other relevant information we wish to get to members.
If you leave that tab selected and notifications enabled on your phone, you will receive notifications:

  1. when results are posted.
  2. Any messages are sent.
  3. Documents or change notices posted.
    You can also use the app to display our local weather, access our website and social media feeds.

Note: the use of this app is separate from registering your presence at the club as a part of our Covid safe planning, by scanning the QR code displayed at various points around the