The Sabre was designed in 1974 by Rex Fettell, who also designed the Minnow and as at May 2004 close to 1,700 boat plans have been issued. It is arguably the largest single-handed class in Australia with 36 clubs sailing the SABRE in Victoria and strong fleets in South Australia and Tasmania and is well represented in NSW, QLD and WA.

The largest fleets in Victoria are at Black Rock YC, Blairgowrie YS, Mordialloc SC, Albert Park YC, Albert Park S.C., McCrae YC, Elwood SC and Williamstown SC.

The Class has contributed significantly to the sailing scene, particularly in Victoria, as one of the most active supporters of V.Y.C. activities. As a training class for future world class sailors the Sabre is second to none.

Mordialloc Sailing Club has a strong fleet of Sabres, often it is the largest single class fleet on the water. The Sabre sailors enjoy close racing on the water and friendly company off the water.  They hold regular training sessions focused on sailing technique and boat setup.

When designer Rex Fettell  conceived the design he saw a need for a single-handed dinghy that was light, of easy to build design, with good handling performance, even in 20 knots plus and lumpy seas, a comfortable cockpit and close class racing suitable for both male and female sailors who weigh between 50 to 80 kg. Although the ideal weight is claimed to be 65 Kg – 72 Kg, winners have been at the extremes depending on conditions. Females have won both the Australian and Victorian championships.

The Sabre is a REAL boat, not a low profile surfboard type. Performance suits the average sailor rather than the super athletic skipper and at an affordable price.

The Sabre fits neatly into the position between junior and family sailing dinghies, and the high performance but expensive international classes. Large fleets in so many clubs ensures excellent competition, a strong training base and protection of your investment.

The Sabre is maintained as a strict one-design class by an Australian Association and supported by strong, active State Associations with sufficient flexibility to move with the times and technological development without detriment to earlier boats.

The boat is readily transported by car-topping or light trailer and is easily carried by two people. Many skippers have beach-trolleys for easy single-handed launching which also fit onto their trailers.

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