Frequently Asked Questions

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  • My child has completed all three levels of Tackers, what is the next step?

Congratulations!  Completing Level 3 of Yachting Victoria’s Tackers training is a terrific achievement.  The next step is to consider purchasing or chartering a junior class of dinghy in order to move into Green Fleet which is Mordialloc Sailing Club’s (MSC) learn to race program.


  • What junior classes of dinghies are sailed at Mordialloc Sailing Club?

While our current junior fleet consists mainly of Optimist dinghies, we welcome all juniors – with all kinds of boats – such as the popular Minnow and Sabot classes.


  • What kind of boat can my child sail in Green Fleet?

If sailing an Optimist, you will require to charter or to purchase one made of fiberglass.  The plastic rainbow Oziopti is used strictly for Tackers training.


  • Does my child need his/ her own boat to participate in junior coaching or junior racing?

Yes, you will need to acquire a new or second-hand boat in order to participate in club coaching and racing.  Junior class dinghies are available to buy from many sources new or used.  Please speak to your Jr. and Youth Coaching Coordinator ( for more information on these options.


  • Can my child sail all year round?

Absolutely!  There are many opportunities to sail at Mordialloc Sailing Club and other clubs around the bay all year round.  Our Junior & Youth Sailing News has highlighted just some of these terrific sailing events.  Please speak to your Jr. and Youth Coaching Coordinator ( for more information.


  • What sort of gear does my child need to sail in the winter?

Every child has different winter needs but we recommend a long wetsuit, long sailing gloves, a warm toque (winter hat), sailing boots and a thermal top with windbreaker.


  • What sort of coaching opportunities are available to my child?

Mordialloc Sailing Club offers weekly junior on & off water coaching with a racing component during our regular summer series.  The Victorian Optimist Dinghy Association (VIODA : ) runs coaching clinics at different clubs around the bay, including Mordi, at different times throughout the year with membership.


  • Does my child’s boat need insurance?

Should your child wish to participate in MSC’s coaching program or at any other club for racing they will have to show ‘proof of insurance’. Contact your insurance provider for a quote.


  • Do I need to be a member in order to participate in weekly Mordi coaching?

Parents do not need to purchase club membership in order for their child to participate in coaching and club racing but your child does need an MSC junior membership in order to access our programs post Tackers.  We encourage parents to consider a MSC family membership and become active members of the club as there are plenty of sailing and non-sailing activities in which to become involved.


  • Does MSC offer boat storage?

Yes.  MSC offers boat storage options for both junior and senior members for an annual fee.  Please see our membership secretary or our club office manager for more information.


  • Where is the best place to source sailing gear & equipment?

While we don’t promote one specific source for gear or any particular brand of clothing, we can point you in the direction of a couple of places to start.

Sly Boat Building and Repair Centre, 10 Hinkler Rd, Mordialloc (03) 9580 2446:  contact Sue Sly for competitive pricing on a full range of Slam, Ronstan, Harken or Burke lifejackets, sailing watches, gloves, fittings, ropes, & apparel.  Their services also include advice on the purchase of new and second hand boats.  *Special discounted rates for Tackers & MSC members.*

Boomfender  for sailing helmets & apparel


The Boatyard  for the purchase of Optimist parts & equipment; boat charters; rent-to-own; and new boat purchases.

Whitworth’s Marine & Leisure

Rooster Sailing

Wetsuit Warehouse

Quarterdeck Marine


  • Do I need to assist my child after enrolling in the Green Fleet Coaching Program?

Green Fleet participants often need parental support when rigging, launching and coming back in after afternoon after coaching and racing.  The Green Fleet coach will check rigged boats to support parents & children and for safety but parents should assist their child to have boats rigged prior to the program start.

Parents should assist their child to the beach with their boat and help bring their child’s boat back to the club to de-rig at the end of the day. We strongly encourage parents to work together to support the group’s launch and be willing to jump in and help out any child in need of assistance.

Once on the water, children will be under the supervision of their coach and race management.  Should your child need to return to shore before the program’s end, parents should be available to assist their child on the beach or make arrangements for another adult to be present.

Parents will be expected to volunteer to assist the coaches with delivery of their program by serving as a swimmer on our coaching rib or beach support.  A roster with dates and duties will be distributed once registrations are complete.


  • Are there opportunities for me to sail or to sail with my child?

Yes!  Mordialloc Sailing Club offers Youth & Adult Dinghy Training Programs and some classes of off-the-beach dinghies offer opportunities to crew throughout the summer season.  Mordi facilitates annual morning Coffee Cruises and Wednesday night social sailing in which families can participate.


  • I have more questions; who do I contact?

Please feel free to contact your Jr. & Youth Coaching Coordinator ( to discuss your questions and your child’s pathway post-Tackers training.


  • How do I register for Green Fleet?

After submitting your papers for registration, the Junior & Youth  Coaching Coordinator will contact you to provide more information and confirm your child’s spot in the upcoming program.  Our program runs over two ½ season terms (October – December & February – April) with the coaching fees billed in two installments.