Mordialloc Sailing Club competed in the Victorian Optimist State Championship

On the Labor Day long weekend, three sailor’s from Mordialloc Sailing Club competed in the Victorian Optimist State Championship at Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron. Eloise and James Lee competed in the intermediate fleet and Jack Bretherton in open fleet. For all of us it was the first time we raced at an event with strong tides, which was a new challenge. On Saturday the wind was very light and we managed to squeeze in one race late in the afternoon. On Sunday and Monday there was 15-18 knots of wind and we easily managed to get four races in on both days. With over 100 boats competing, 10 instaters and 1 sailor from japan the competition was fierce but it was a great weekend and was lots of fun.


Eloise lee

Cadet Captain     

Lidgett cup regatta 2017 by Jack Bretherton

Finally I’ve reached the weekend and this one was important, not just for me but for my parents and Davey’s bay yacht club. It was my first and unfortunately last lidgett cup regatta. At first it started off slow then sped past me as fast as a 50 knot breeze. So we rushed down to the car and sped off to the yacht club. ‘’We’re going to be late’’ my dad exclaimed as we drove past mount Eliza and began to close the gap between us and the yacht club. My dad up onto the damp grass then we rashly grabbed my sailing gear and started rigging the boat.


After I was rigged and changed the training commenced. The training was actually really interesting apart from the fact that no one could could do a drill properly but that’s not important. The important thing is that we learnt heaps. We learnt about boat set up, tacking, starting and going upwind. The water was cool and fresh. It felt like having an ice cold drink on a 30 degree day. But when I was out there it was a whole other feeling. When I pulled every rope right, when I moved everything right, when I sat in the right way my boat just glided across water and I was disappointed that we had to go back in.


This was a big moment I was going to race for an experience that I never knew would happen. So I leapt into my speed machine and took off into the distance. “BEEP” was the sound that the siren blared as the race went into action. My start wasn’t to good but my finish was much better, next thing I know I came up to the top mark after passing 40 other sailors then placing 6th out of 52 boats. Then the next 3 races passed me like they never even happened and I came 10th, 9th and 8th. Eventually we made to the shoe and the day ended as my dad and I made it to our home.


During the second day Davey’s bay yacht club decided that the weather wasn’t suitable for on water training. So other activities were organized to do on shore. For the activities we heard what to do when you need to use a life raft. When using one you must have enough weight so it doesn’t flip and use use your resources wisely. For the next activity we learnt about how to hike properly. Hiking is basically when you extend your body weight outside the boat so it doesn’t capsize. During that session I volunteered to show everyone how to hike properly. The second last activity consisted of listening to young athletes that wanted to start a campaign so they could go to the olympics. Finally we did some in depth training on how to perform a few different drills.


Then came the quote unquote “race”. The top 20 boats from my fleet got the chance to go out and race. We got on the and sailed out to race. 5 minutes later the yacht club abandoned the race and I headed in to find that I finished 9th overall out of 52 other boats and my heart lept. Time for the state championships I guess.


with Lisa Darmanin

Jack Bretherton and Jensen Engelhardt spent four days in Geelong at Springsail Regatta and Coaching Clinic, Royal Geelong Yacht Club, 17th to 20th September 2016.

Saturday was really windy, gusts to 20 knots. The waves were smaller than what we would expect at Mordialloc. Many boats capsized.  Some Optimists stayed ashore. Jack and I started all four back to back races.

On Sunday the conditions where much calmer. Winds of about 10 knots at most. We sailed three heats before the wind almost completely disappeared.

It was really fun to sail from a different club. Final results for the Mordialloc Optimists, Jensen in 20th, Jack in 22nd.

On Monday and Tuesday, we had a coaching clinic. We did some starting practice, roll tacking, roll gybing, balance games and a capsize race to see who could bail out their boat the fastest.

On Monday night we met Rio Olympic medallist Lisa Darmanin. She let me hold her Silver medal, it was heavy. Lisa gave a talk about sailing the Nacra 17.

The 2017 Optimist State Championships will be held at Royal Geelong Yacht Club

I had a great time in Geelong.


By Jensen Engelhardt.

Mordialloc Sailing Club Green Fleet Saturday February 21st.

Max Quirk Optimist

On an extremely hot day with minimal breeze The Green Fleeters welcomed new coach Gemma Burns.  Joining the green fleet for the first time was Max Carmichael, eager to join the fun following his recent third position overall in the Green Fleet at the Lidgett Trophy.  The green fleet also enjoyed the company of Felicity Morris. Felicity and Max are welcome inclusions to the growing group of junior sailors.  Also taking to the water under the watchful eye of coach Gemma were Green Fleet regulars Eloise, Jensen, Jack, and Decklan.

The Green Fleet participated in the first club race, then separated from the rest of the MSC fleet to concentrate on some Green Fleet specific on water drills and games under the guidance of Gemma. The “cool down capsize”, always a favourite amongst the juniors offered a well deserved chance to escape the oppressive heat.  The juniors also had much fun playing a “pass the bottle game”. The Green Fleet separated into two teams, competing against each other in a race to retrieve a plastic bottle.  After picking up the plastic bottle, team members had to rally together to return the bottle to Gemma’s coach boat. The task made all the more difficult because players had to dispatch the bottle within ten seconds. The Green Fleet had lots of fun playing this game as they honed their boat handling skills.

The International Optimist Dinghy State Titles are taking place over the Labour Day long weekend at Royal Brighton Yacht Club. A number of our Optimist Sailors are taking part. Last year, a total of 150 Optimists took part in the Victorian State Titles. A recent newsletter from the Victorian Optimist Dinghy Association claims it is shaping up to be the best State Titles yet! How many boats this year? The Optimist fleet across the state certainly appears to be continuing on its path of growth.

Let’s hope for some agreeable weather this coming weekend, for a final chance for the Mordialloc Optimist Fleet to benefit from some coaching and fun time on the water before revelling in a three day regatta.

Michael Parks wins Lidgett Trophy


Micheal Trophies


I don’t know how we missed this one back in February but we can’t keep a good story down. Our very own Michael Parks won the Lidgett Trophy for Advanced Optimists held at Davey’s Bay Yacht Club. This event is a long standing junior sailing regatta that attracts big fleets and the best sailors from across Victoria.

Held over two days there was tight racing in the Advanced Optimists fleet with race wins spread all the way to 15th place overall. But in the end Michael came out on top over 8 races by having the most consistent results winning by just 2 points.

Well done Michael! We are all very proud of you.

Team Mordy take the honours – again

Mordy Opti sailors, Harrison Sly and Michael Parks competed at the Victoria Sabot Championships sailed at Chelsea Y.C over the past weekend.

Unfortunately, unlike last year where MSC was well represented by a number of our sailors, this year it was just a team of 2. Never the less, these 2 young sailors represented our club at the highest standard, with Harrison taking out the overall championship ( with a race to spare) as well as 1st Junior 1 up, with Michael finishing 2nd overall. They also managed to retain the Junior teams trophy as well as the overall teams trophy. An outstanding effort from these two young sailors given that they are not regular sabot sailors.

The Mordialloc Junior Training and Coaching program is producing some excellent sailors with a strong group of young sailors looking to replicate Harrison’s and Michael’s efforts.

With the upcoming Opti State Titles this coming weekend we wish them both further success. Great effort!

Sabot State Championship Success

Last weekend Mordialloc sent a crack team of young sailors to contest the Sabot State Titles with outstanding results. Daniel Quinlan, obtained a very impressive win in the senior division of the titles, and Keiran East came home in 4th place with very light conditions on Saturday, which is a great result for him.

 In the footsteps of Father Martyn and big brother James, Harrison Sly won the state championship in the under 12 division with some very competitive and hotly contested sailing at the front of the fleet with friend and fellow Mordi member Michael Parks bringing home second place for Mordialloc SC.

In addition to these outstanding individual placings, MSC had the added success of the complete domination of the teams events. MSC  took out the state championship in the Senior team title, the junior team title, and the combined (Senior + Junior) team titles, which made for some high spirited Mordialloc camaraderie after the presentation. They have some very serious Perpetual trophies to bring to the club in two weeks time, and we hope that we can celebrate these successes by bringing the trophies to the MSC trophy cabinet to be displayed for all to see for the coming year.

“The Club at MSC through their ongoing commitment to the development of junior sailing via their Tackers and green fleet training programmes are starting to reel in some successes in regard to our team sailing performance, and credit for this weekend’s successes are a serious credit to you and your committee’s support for the juniors in this great sport.” says Tony Parks