Missing Perpetual Trophies required ASAP – All found in time for Presentation Night – Thank You

Due to varied reasons the club is missing four (4) ‘Perpetual’ trophies for this year’s Presentation Night on Saturday 19th May from 5:30 pm drinks until late. We have run out of places to look and people to see and are still 4 short.

The details are:

Laser Full Rig

Championship & Commodore’s Perpetual

Laser Radial




Your help to find these missing trophies ASAP would be gratefully appreciated.






WHERE IS THE ‘M’ TROPHY – UPDATE – ‘M’ Trophy returned – Thank You……..

Alert to all Members.

Can all members search their homes to ensure they do not have the ‘M’ trophy. It is very much apart of the club and it NEEDS TO BE FOUND NOW – Thank You

2011/12 Not Awarded – Finishing times were                                              misplaced
2012/13  ————- T.B.A. – TBD by Rear Commodore
2013/14 Not Awarded not awaeded
2014/15 Sabre Colin White
2015/16 Not Awarded
2016/17 Laser Full Rig Yuri Tikhanov


Please contact Peter White if you have it and if so please return it on this Saturday 28th April. I’ll shout a round for the person who does so.






The 18th John Seeber Memorial Sabre Teams Race

The John Seeber Memorial Sabre Teams Race was successfully conducted at Mordialloc on Saturday 7th April with 16 boats divided into 4 mixed teams of (hopefully) equal skills. The weather was light with a 3-5 knot southerly veering to a south easterly that eventually faded to near nothing by the end of the race.

As previously stated elsewhere, the number 1 and 2 members of each team sailed a slightly longer course on the first lap. This gave the number 3 and 4 team members the experience of being at the sharp end of the fleet whilst giving the more experienced sailors the taste of being in the latter half of the fleet for at least some part of the race.

The fleet was reasonably well bunched up at the end of the first race which was pleasing and provided a good result for this type of format. A format that the Sabre class should be looking at for their own individual club races as it encourages those in the second half of the fleet to gain experience and continue to turn up each week.

There was only 4 points between 1st and 3rd teams that showed that the team selection process does work.











The 2018 Sabre Teams Race Winners from the left are:

Harold Medd (BRYC), Rod Dingfelder (MSC), Chris Thorpe (MSC) and Bruce Abbott (BRYC – absent)

The Teams trophy was presented along with the Photo album displaying previous race winners going back to 2014

Total less
Name Sail No. Race 1 Race 2 Drop one
Harold 2003 13 13 0
Chris 1558 4 5 9
Bruce A. 2065 5 10 15
Rod 1157 7 4 11
Peter 2103 6 11 17
Wynson 2100 2 2 4
Bill 2046 10 15 10
Greg 1457 17 6 6
Colin 1903 9 7 16
Susannah 2039 1 1 2
John 1120 15 16 0
Tony 142 12 9 21
Geoff D. 2054 3 14 3
Bruce D. 1750 8 3 11
Simon 1312 11 8 19
Geoff Saliba 1333 14 12 12

The top 3 boats from each team of 4 scores points.


Peter White


The John Seeber Memorial Sabre Teams Race Trophy + Coffee Cruise – 7th April 2018

This Saturday 7th April will be the 19th running of the Sabre Teams Race. In fact the trophies full name is: The John Seeber Memorial Sabre Teams Race Trophy and is conducted annually at the Mordialloc Sailing Club (MSC).

Additionally, the Coffee Cruise will also been happening – Rigged and ready to go @ 10:00am.

John was an avid sailor who during his many years in Sabres campaigned for the Sabre Teams Race to be conducted at MSC. He considered it an advantage to both Mordialloc and the Sabre association as a whole to ensure the focus of Sabre sailing was not just with the strongest clubs but was spread around the bay and the country.

His enthusiasm and drive resulted in a Saturday every year being set aside at Mordialloc to compete for this trophy where 30+ boats would attend. It was John’s efforts alone that ensured the event would remain on the Sabre calendar.

John passed away on 10th August 2005 after a battle with Pancreatic Cancer. He was diagnosed in mid-2004 and given 6 months to live as he later found out but managed to see out more than 12 months.


John joined Mordialloc in the early to mid 60s and sailed HW Sharpies. I first met John in the late 60’s, sailing Rainbows and he was always a very easy going gentleman without a cross word for anyone.

He sailed his own TS 16 in the mid 70s and later built a steel keel boat in his backyard. This period also encompassed Endeavours and Top Hats at Hastings up to the early 90s.

John re-joined Mordialloc Sailing Club (MSC) in the mid-90s sailing the Sabre.

He was on the Sabre executive for five years and the MSC Sailing Committee for many years as a Sabre Rep.

John was very generous with not only his time but a story as told by his close friend Phil Johnson.

On one particular occasion John loaned a spinnaker and ratchet block to Phil for a race and at the end of the day he told Phil that he could keep them.

He was never a particularly well man but never let on that anything was ever less than good. Not many people knew that he had a triple by-pass and had almost died on a couple of occasions due to heart / health problems.

An intelligent man, John was a Mechanical Engineer graduating from Swinburne. He built 2 or 3 Rainbows, an OK Dinghy, the keel boat mentioned above and a Hartley T.S. 16 – one clever dude in today’s speak.

His recent love of his last 10 years was his paintings of which at least one can be seen around the Club today. Others have been donated and sold at MSC auction nights etc.

He was the Sabre club champion and Perpetual trophy winner in 2000/01 and won a couple of Club Aggregate trophies. As a highlight in his Sabre, John won the Australian Veterans Title in 1999 against some very good opposition.


With Black Rock Yacht Club (BRYC) winning all but one of these events between 2000 and 2013, Mordialloc and the Sabre association agreed to change the format to re-invigorate the concept by selecting ‘even teams’ of four members with similar experience. This gave the opportunity for all those attending, to be on the winning team.

This format was first introduced in 2014 with a good mix of experienced and less experienced sailors on the winning team.

In 2018, the first two members of each selected team will sail around a slightly longer course for the first lap only. This will allow the third and fourth members of the team to potentially lead the fleet for at least a good part of the race, if not to the finish line.

With all boats in unfamiliar positions, it should be an interesting sail let alone the potential activity at the finish line.

This new format will be beneficial to all whilst still sailing for the team’s trophy and a photo entry in the Sabre team’s race album.

With the more serious sailing of the Australian Championships and Victorian Titles now completed, this event is a friendly regatta bringing together individual clubs from both the suburbs and country to reacquaint sabre sailors and provide a venue for the enjoyment of the their sport.


Good luck to all for this afternoon’s racing.



Peter White

Another Great Weekend of Sailing for the MJP & ‘M’ Trophies – 24th March

It was the 52nd running of the M.J. Petterson trophy and the 16th running of the ‘M’ trophy.

The days events could not have been scripted any better considering the bleak conditions at 10:30 am last Saturday 24th March. Everybody knows that sailors dislike the rain (because they get wet), they dislike not having some blue sky (because it affects their tan) and with no wind or too much win means you can’t sail.

So with a cold 20 knot SW wind, big seas, mist, no blue sky and rain, the intrepid sailors who had arrived and there was only 5 – 6, the idea of a sail was not directly on their minds. What more likely was on their minds was a coffee and a donut from Dorothy which went down very well might I say.

Also with limited race management crews available, a dry afternoon and a chat was very much on the cards.

Then within 30 mins the wind died out to zero knots, the seas flattered, some blue sky began to appeared and the rain and mist disappeared. So with no wind “a dry afternoon and a chat was very much on the cards” – still.

By about 12:30ish, the wind started to filter in from the North, first gradually then consistently. As conditions improved a few more boats appeared and so did a few more volunteers (thank goodness).

Crawford called for an information session to explain the handicap procedure, ‘trap’ezoid course configuration and requested for any volunteers who did not want to sail.

With handicaps allotted for all, it was time to get change and be on the beach ready for an off-the-beach start. Numbers were called out by Crawf from one, to designate the number of minutes after the start time 2:00 pm.

Individual staggered starts applied to all boats with the Opties off first followed by the Sabres, the Radials, a Finn and the Tasars – a fleet of 14 in all.

The wind was a good 10-15+ knots at times swinging back and forth but steady as Northerlies go. Some boats (who shall remain anonymous) missed the finish line for the MJP which was also the start time for the ‘M’ trophy.

All in all it was a most enjoyable days racing considering what might have been if the sailors were less positive about sailing early on, for these great trophies.

There is only a trophy for first place in these two events but the first 3 placegetters are listed below.

The winners were:

M.J. Petterson trophy:   1.  Mal Parsons   2. Yuri Tikanov   3.   Drew Henry

‘M’ trophy:                        1.   Mal Parsons  2.   Drew Henry  3.   John Eriksson

In past years the popularity of both these trophies has dwindled more so for the fact that e.g. if you sail a Sabre and a Flying Fifteen passes you half way up the first windward leg, you do not think it is worth participating, then things need to change.

This has occurred in the last 3 years were it now appears that the club have the handicaps more accurately calculated than ever before as the following results in the last 3 years will testify.


70% of the fleet finished within 1 minute 46 seconds of each other.


The majority of the fleet finished within 6 minutes of each other.


75% of the fleet finished within 4 minutes of each other.

This information should now encourage all members to give the MJP & ‘M’ trophy events a try next year because now everyone has the chance to win. These long standing trophy events are part of the fabric and history of the club which should not be left to die a slow death but to be given life via your participation in the years ahead.









M.J. Petterson Trophy (52nd) & ‘M’ Trophy (16th) – This Saturday 24th March ’18

Well, its here again this Saturday afternoon 24th March. It’s the 52nd running of the great M.J. Petterson Trophy Race and it is being touted as one of the closest MJP events of recent years. As in previous years, there will be staggered starts with the inexperienced sailors heading off first around a T2 course followed (in minute order) by the more and more experienced sailors.

As boats cross the finish line in the MJP, they will continue on and complete another T2 course that will constitute the running of one of our other great events, The ‘M’ Trophy. All times and positions will be calculated by Race Management.

Both trophies will be present prior to PM racing where you can have a close-up inspection of what you will be racing for in the afternoon.

Please consider Volunteering for the day’s own club events if you are not sailing as this will be most helpful to Race Management. Please contact Crawford on 0419 120 918 if are able to assist. Crawf will be very happy to hear from you.

As our MJP handicap process is a little different to our normal results calculations, if possible, please make sure you are down by 12:30 pm to finalize YOUR starting time for the afternoon with Peter White. Of course we will need the Class Reps available to assist in providing you with the most appropriate handicap. Last minute entries will be accepted.

If history is any indication, having most boats all on the last leg (the Run) of the race together would be a great result.  Of course the ideal result is to have all competitors finishing at the exact same time.

The normal information session will commence at 13:00 with the first start at 14:00.




Peter White


Coffee Cruise this weekend – 17th March

To all Members and interested yatchies,

Unfortunately this invitation is not available to those members assisting with the Laser State Titles as volunteers are required to be available at the club from 10:00am onwards. All other participants are most welcome to make the journey. Volunteers are still required for what could be a most exciting weekend on many levels – Contact Garry Hosie or Bart Scheen.



The regular Coffee Cruise will be on again this weekend with the usual “on the beach rigged and ready to go by 10:00am”. All are welcome to attend as it is a casual sail down and back.



Partly cloudy. Slight (20%) chance of a shower during the early morning. Winds northerly 25 to 40 km/h

This is good for yatchies with a possible reach down and back (N wind) in a good breeze. If you can not make the sail down, you are always welcome to drive down or take the train.



Yarrabah School – Learing to Sail

Mordialloc Sailing Club and Yarrabah School kicked off their first Sailabilty session for 2018 last Friday. It was a bit too windy and wavy for the first session, especially given only 2 of the 12 students had participated in previous programs. A lot was achieved, however,

​thanks to the support and hard work of the volunteers.
During morning tea students were fitted with their life jackets

​and very ​quickly became comfortable with the club environment​. All ​then went outside for boat​ familiarisation​ with a fully rigged Pacer that included​ ​the basic controls and safety, how to get in and out of a ​yacht and the danger of the aptly name boom.The students were then divided into 2 groups with one group practising getting in and out, sitting in ​the boat ​and avoiding the boom in the shallows. The second group boarded our RIB and took a trip up and back Mordialloc creek. Both groups gained valuable experience in getting in and out of boats and getting used to the motion on the water​ and will be well and truly ready to go on next week. ​Everyone had a great time and we are all looking forward to next ​Friday that currently looks warm and sunny!.



Coffee Cruise this weekend – 10th February

To all Members and interested yatchies,

The regular Coffee Cruise will be on again this weekend with the usual “on the beach rigged and ready to go by 10:00am”. All are welcome to attend as it is a casual sail down and back

Currently the forecast is good for yatchies with a possible reach down and back (N-NW wind) in a good breeze. If you can not make the sail down, you are always welcome to drive down or take the train.

The Forecast is:-    Partly cloudy. Medium (40%) chance of showers during the morning. Winds north to northwesterly 15 to 20 km/h shifting south to southwesterly 20 to 30 km/h during the day.



Sabre Victorian Titles – 17th & 18th February

The Victorian Sabre Titles are at Safety Beach Sailing Club (SBSC) on 17th & 18th February which is just under 2 weeks away. Please check the Sabre web site (see below) for further details and register an entry. Currently there are over 50 entries with many more expected to arrive during the week.

It would be great to have a good Mordialloc Sabre contingent.