M.J. Petterson Trophy (52nd) & ‘M’ Trophy (16th) – This Saturday 24th March ’18

Well, its here again this Saturday afternoon 24th March. It’s the 52nd running of the great M.J. Petterson Trophy Race and it is being touted as one of the closest MJP events of recent years. As in previous years, there will be staggered starts with the inexperienced sailors heading off first around a T2 course followed (in minute order) by the more and more experienced sailors.

As boats cross the finish line in the MJP, they will continue on and complete another T2 course that will constitute the running of one of our other great events, The ‘M’ Trophy. All times and positions will be calculated by Race Management.

Both trophies will be present prior to PM racing where you can have a close-up inspection of what you will be racing for in the afternoon.

Please consider Volunteering for the day’s own club events if you are not sailing as this will be most helpful to Race Management. Please contact Crawford on 0419 120 918 if are able to assist. Crawf will be very happy to hear from you.

As our MJP handicap process is a little different to our normal results calculations, if possible, please make sure you are down by 12:30 pm to finalize YOUR starting time for the afternoon with Peter White. Of course we will need the Class Reps available to assist in providing you with the most appropriate handicap. Last minute entries will be accepted.

If history is any indication, having most boats all on the last leg (the Run) of the race together would be a great result.  Of course the ideal result is to have all competitors finishing at the exact same time.

The normal information session will commence at 13:00 with the first start at 14:00.




Peter White


Coffee Cruise this weekend – 17th March

To all Members and interested yatchies,

Unfortunately this invitation is not available to those members assisting with the Laser State Titles as volunteers are required to be available at the club from 10:00am onwards. All other participants are most welcome to make the journey. Volunteers are still required for what could be a most exciting weekend on many levels – Contact Garry Hosie or Bart Scheen.



The regular Coffee Cruise will be on again this weekend with the usual “on the beach rigged and ready to go by 10:00am”. All are welcome to attend as it is a casual sail down and back.



Partly cloudy. Slight (20%) chance of a shower during the early morning. Winds northerly 25 to 40 km/h

This is good for yatchies with a possible reach down and back (N wind) in a good breeze. If you can not make the sail down, you are always welcome to drive down or take the train.



Yarrabah School – Learing to Sail

Mordialloc Sailing Club and Yarrabah School kicked off their first Sailabilty session for 2018 last Friday. It was a bit too windy and wavy for the first session, especially given only 2 of the 12 students had participated in previous programs. A lot was achieved, however,

​thanks to the support and hard work of the volunteers.
During morning tea students were fitted with their life jackets

​and very ​quickly became comfortable with the club environment​. All ​then went outside for boat​ familiarisation​ with a fully rigged Pacer that included​ ​the basic controls and safety, how to get in and out of a ​yacht and the danger of the aptly name boom.The students were then divided into 2 groups with one group practising getting in and out, sitting in ​the boat ​and avoiding the boom in the shallows. The second group boarded our RIB and took a trip up and back Mordialloc creek. Both groups gained valuable experience in getting in and out of boats and getting used to the motion on the water​ and will be well and truly ready to go on next week. ​Everyone had a great time and we are all looking forward to next ​Friday that currently looks warm and sunny!.



Coffee Cruise this weekend – 10th February

To all Members and interested yatchies,

The regular Coffee Cruise will be on again this weekend with the usual “on the beach rigged and ready to go by 10:00am”. All are welcome to attend as it is a casual sail down and back

Currently the forecast is good for yatchies with a possible reach down and back (N-NW wind) in a good breeze. If you can not make the sail down, you are always welcome to drive down or take the train.

The Forecast is:-    Partly cloudy. Medium (40%) chance of showers during the morning. Winds north to northwesterly 15 to 20 km/h shifting south to southwesterly 20 to 30 km/h during the day.



Sabre Victorian Titles – 17th & 18th February

The Victorian Sabre Titles are at Safety Beach Sailing Club (SBSC) on 17th & 18th February which is just under 2 weeks away. Please check the Sabre web site (see below) for further details and register an entry. Currently there are over 50 entries with many more expected to arrive during the week.

It would be great to have a good Mordialloc Sabre contingent.






What do YOU do b/w Leaving the Beach and the Start Gun? (Dec ’17 – Jan ’18)

Multiple Choice Question

What do YOU do between Leaving the Beach and the Start Gun?

a) Reach up and down the start line when its 15 to 20 knots for the adrenalin rush.

b) Leave the beach as late as possible and head for the start line, hoping not to be late.

c) Tune the boat, find the wind 0ssolations, pick up the start line transit and find the favoured end.

d) Look for dolphines

e) Sit and chat with the start boat until they tell you to leave “We’re going into a start sequence.”

There are a lot of choices to this question, not all of which have been listed, and most are not wrong if that’s what you want to do with your limited time on the water. Having fun and doing what you want to do is all part of it.


Answer a)

This is always a fun thing to do, it is an enjoyable part of racing and yearns you to keep sailing when your body says no.

Answer b)

This can be an advantage on a day when it’s a 20 knot southerly and pouring rain but your expectations of a win will be limited.

Answer c)

The period before the start is a busy time if you want to be competitive with the top end of the fleet and to ensure you give yourself the best chance of a good result.

When I remember to, I try to follow the process below:

Go for a sail upwind and do the following

  • Tune the boat by adjusting the sail controls to suit.
  • Find the wind 0ssolations by sailing on one tack for up to 5 mins to get the high and low numbers on the compass then tack and do the same again.
  • Ask the question – Is the wind ‘generally’ shifting to one side of the course or the other. Or is it only shifting between the numbers you just identified.
  • Where is the breeze freshest.
  • Practice how to tack and gybe several times to make sure you have the process down pat.


Sail back to the start line and:

  • Pick up the start line transit by lining up the start boat, the pin end and a landmark (house/tree) on shore.
  • Find the favoured end of the line by going hard on the wind from either end. You will soon notice if you will be travelling a shorter or longer distance when you get to the apex of the triangle.
  • Is the wind direction on a starboard lift or knock just prior to starting.
  • Work out where you want to start on the line.
  • Position yourself with clear air.
  • Monitor the count down as you consolidate where you want to start.
  • The gun goes as you cross the start line at full speed.

As long as you follow the processes, remain focused and work hard, you should be happy with whatever position you come.

Answer d)

It is exciting to see dolphine fins piercing the surface as a pod swims by, not far from your boat but as you are mesmerized by the beauty of nature the start gun goes and you are 100 metres away from the line.

Answer e) 

This may be all good fun but I’m sure that the start boat crew would not be too happy. They would rather you keep sailing passed especially when they go into a start sequence.



Just a few pointers for when you are next on the water.


How to Get to Sail Your Brothers Brand New Sabre in One Easy Lesson, Without Really Trying.

Title Credit – Crawford W.

A story by Peter White from Colin Whites perspective.  🙂

If you have ever been a little jealous of your brother who has just bought a brand new Sabre whilst yours is 5 years old and he was putting it in the water for only the second time ever, then to relieve that sort of pain, the following method is a great way to do so.


On Saturday 26th August, in a NW breeze of anything from 12 to 18 knots, I (Colin) helped my brother (Peter) rig his new boat, measure specific rake lengths and set up an adjustable shroud that could be adjusted once, in between races.

As my brother launched the boat and was about to jump in, he (Peter) started jumping up and down with pain and started backing back the boat to the shore.

I (Colin) said “what’s wrong.”

“I think I’ve been bitten. Can’t walk.”

So I helped Peter put the boat back on the trolley and back on the beach. I asked if he was OK and he said yes. So I got in the boat and went for a sail.


Whilst I had a great sail in a good breeze apparently Peter had either stepped sideways on glass, a metal spike or a small stingray. Chris Thorpe help pull the boat up the shore whilst Peter sat on the side for the ride (What a wooze)!

After plenty of ice from Chris Thorpe, advice from Louise Hosie, Cheryl Taylor and assistance from Dot with a cup of hot coffee and meat pie and a tie for the ice (how goods this), the foot was starting to get a little worse with the surrounding area getting very sensitive. Mike O’Connor was good enough to take Peter to the hospital where he had an X-ray, local anesthetic, tetanus injection and a stitch in the wound.

PS: He never became delusional at the hospital.


Back on shore and after a bit of talk around the bar and drinking area, a conspiracy theory evolved from nothing after a innocent comment was made that “but ‘he’ has a new boat and mine is 5 years old.”

Men can get silly ideas for a further laugh in these situations and the theory grew. Several members started kicking around the idea that it was Colin that had planted a few spikes in the area where Peter usually launched from the beach. Of course he vigorously denied the accusations. Others suggested that it may have even been a shark or a crocodile  🙂 but I think those ideas were dismissed. 


Further ideas one can use are:

Help your brother rig his boat – A good way to set up for revenge.

Oh, you hurt yourself Peter – Take that I (Colin) thought as I sailed off whilst not even looking back.

I think Colin must have thought that he better see how the new boat owner was getting along, so kindly drove him back to the club – To deflect the attention – what you hurt yourself, oh dear I didn’t know.


Peter is unable to sail today (Sunday 27th Aug) and suggested that Colin sail the new boat for him. Funny enough he (Colin) jumped at the chance. Don’t know why?





Return of Perpetual Trophies / Mystery Sailing Event (22nd April)

Just a short message to those members who won Perpetual trophies last season. I’m sorry but it’s time to return them to the club for the 2016/2017 inscriptions. Our current racing season concludes this Saturday 8th April.

Can all class reps please follow-up with your skippers to ensure this occurs prior to Easter. This will give the club time to update the trophies prior to Presentation Night on Saturday 6th May ’17.

Also, keep the 22nd April open for the ADVENTURE SAILING WEEKEND to an exotic location. Sail there, be a passenger on one of the MSC patrol boats or if you want to drive there be at the club early for full disclosure of the destination.


Peter White


The John Seeber Memorial Sabre Teams Race 2017

A warm welcome is extended to all Sabre sailors who will be venturing down to Mordialloc Sailing Club (MSC) tomorrow (Sat 18th March) for the John Seeber Memorial Sabre Teams race and trophy. First start is at 2:00 pm.

John was a Sabre sailor for many years and was instrumental in pursing the Teams Trophy concept and having it conducted by MSC to ensure that the focus of Sabre sailing was not just with the strongest clubs but spread around the bay.

With the Teams Race formatting, any skipper has an equal chance of being in the winning team. A panel selects groups of 4 with an overall equal standard with the top 3 places of each group being recorded for points. It should be a perfect days racing.

MSC has a Canteen available with food, drinks and coffee with bar services after racing.


Peter White


Coffee Cruise Update

To all members, friends and interested parties, please note down the following dates. We encourage your participation in the final two coffee cruises for the year:

Saturday 4th March

Saturday 18th March

Additionally, there is some talk of having a longer cruise on either the 22nd or 29th April (no Perpetual races) going in the opposite direction to Edithvale. If you are interested or want to provide some input (most welcome), please see either Bart Scheen, Peter White or Geoff Daniels who will be happy to discuss your thoughts.


Peter White