NOTICE – Winter Racing & Sail Mordi at Mordialloc has been cancelled due to you know what.

To all sailors and volunteers.

With the extended lock downs in Melbourne we have made the decision to cancel the Winter Series and Sail Mordi for this year.

There is the possibility that the Vic Dinghy Champs may be rescheduled to another weekend.


3rd Week of JUNE 2020 – Some Inspirational Material 👌😊🚩

Now that the COVID-19 restrictions are ‘slowly’ being lifted and we take our first tentative steps back to normality, it is time for some inspiration. The latest link is a horse race that was run over 45 years ago but stands as one of the greatest races and if you do not know who Secretariat was, you soon will.

You will need to copy & paste to your browser to know what the article or song is about – worth the few minutes…

Copy and paste to your browser.

I will add a new song / article each couple of days to add variety.

Saturday 13th June – Is that Lady Gar Gar singing ‘Shallow’ or a 10 year old girl singing? Find out on the link below, then click on the first entry – WOW.

Thursday 4th June – A link to the greatest horse race of all time with none other than Secretariat – your jaw will drop!!!!!


Monday 25th – A link to the top 10 best close calls


Friday 22nd May – A great version of ‘I did it my way’ from Sal Valentinetti

PLUS – ‘Whose’s on First’ (in full)


Thurs 21st May – Two versions to the one great song – Richard Harris

… and versions and Donna Summer

Tues 12th May – One of the greatest of all instrumentals

Thurs 7th May – (S & G – Bridge …)

Weds 6th May (Marina Kaye – Set Fire…)

Sat 2nd May – (Let it …)

Fri 1st May – (Lauren Daigle)



A Thank You Note to all from the Club Executive

To all Club Members,

With an early close to season 2019/2020 due to unprecedented circumstances, the executive committee would like to thank each and every member involved during the season.

It’s a thank you to all the members who turned up to sail each week or even just to come down to the club when there was a likelihood of no sailing at all. Sailing, even on tough days, makes a club strong and functional.
It’s a thank you to all those members who have volunteered in some aspect to the running of the club during the year. If it were not for your continued support, the club would not be in the great shape it is today.
It’s a thank you to all those members who do more than their fair share to ensure we have a smooth running of the club. You people are vital to this club.
It’s a thank you to the junior training participants. Both in the form of the Tackers and Open Skiff junior development programs which have been so successful. You are the future of this club and it is every members duty to see that the junior division grows and develops in the coming years
It’s a thank you to the Adult trainees and coaches for contributing to the influx and diversity of new members. The club welcomes these members in the hope that they see MSC as a second home.
MSC has always had a focus on junior programs, however this season, the emphasis has expanded many fold with the introduction of the seed fleet program and an instant fleet of 14 to 16 open skiffs, culminating in a most successful Open Skiff National titles at MSC.
It is also a thank you to all the parents of the junior sailors who have supported the children and the club by attending week in week out with great enthusiasm. The club really appreciates the time and effort put into these kids by their parents and I can rest assure you all that it is time extremely well spent. Persistence in getting these young sailors up to a level where they can sail by themselves in 10 to 15 knots will be priceless.
… and finally a ‘very special’ thank you to Dorothy who has once again kept us hungry sailors satisfied from morning, through lunch to after sailing. Very much appreciated Dot.
All in all we have probably only lost 4 sailing Saturdays due to the virus and we should be thankful that we haven’t lost a full season.
The Executive committee will remain on the ball as to any further updates or issues that may affect the club and advise accordingly.
Presentation Night or perhaps an afternoon will be advised at a later date.
Hopefully we can look forward to some sailing during the winter series or if not, at least a terrific Opening Day 2020 and the first half of the new season.
In 2021, MSC will be celebrating their 75th anniversary and this will be something very much to look forward to in the next 12 months or so.
Peter White
MSC – Rear Commodore

Details on the Remainder of Season 2019/20 – UPDATED Revision 19th March

This article is to advise club members and volunteers of the latest status of events and club racing for the remainder of the season 2019/20. THE INFORMATION IN THIS ARTICLE MAY CHANGE AT ANYTIME.

The information from this article will also appear, in more detail, in Drew’s Around Mordi this week. PLEASE READ DREW’S Around Mordi.

Please note that the following regattas /events that were to be conducted at MSC, have now been cancelled or postponed until further notice.
Open skiff Victorian titles (at BRYC)       21 & 22 Mar
LBG Regatta (at BYC)                                  22 Mar
Year 9 Girls.                                                  24 Mar
St Ayles skiff launch.                                    28 Mar
Sabre teams race.                                       28 Mar
Sharpie State titles.                         28 Mar
Open Skiff Fun Day                         28 Mar
 With the cancellation of the Open Skiff Vic Titles, the association is putting together a weekend at Torquay on 21st & 22nd March this weekend for those who wish to attend.
Please contact Greg Heins or Graeme Fisher for an update and further details.
With the cancellation of the LBG Regatta, a fun free sailing day will still be on at Mordialloc this Saturday 21st Mar. However no races for championship points will be conducted., nor will their be a bar or canteen facilities.
Come for a leisurely sail, coffee cruise or whatever you’d like to do.
Please note that some junior and adult training activities will still be conducted during the morning.
Additionally, all sanctioned events from today Thursday 19th March at MSC have been cancelled, except for some training activities.
This does not mean that members, in their own private time, can visit MSC for a sail.

Sailing will continue on Saturday 28th March with normal training activities in the morning and championship / aggregate racing in the afternoon.    CANCELLED

Saturday 4th April will be normal training in the a.m. and the MJP & M trophies in the afternoon.     CANCELLED

Saturday 18th April will be the clubs last sailing day for the seasons with normal training activities in the morning and championship / aggregate racing in the afternoon.    CANCELLED


RESCHEDULE OF THE MJP (54th) & ‘M’ (18th) Trophies

Re-Schedule *The 54th running of the MJ Patterson trophy and the 18th running of the ‘M’ trophy at Mordialloc has been reschedule to Saturday 4th April using an  ‘M’ Course rather than a ‘trap’ or rectangular course.

Every one has an even chance of winning as expressed in the last two years where 70-80% of the fleet finished within two minutes of each other.

Allocated handicap times will be displayed at the information session at approx 1:00 p.m.

Racing will commence from off-the-beach with individual handicaps for each boat who enters.
Start time is: 2:00 p.m.
All boats are welcome to this event with occasional sailors receiving a tighter handicap.
The MJP race is based on handicap resulting from the current years performance with first across the finishing line being the winner.
However racing continues as your finish time for the MJP becomes the start time for the M trophy.
You’re elapsed time for the ‘M’ trophy will then be altered by the class yard stick to determine the ‘M’ trophy winner.
Please sign on and sign off as per normal.
Good luck to all.

COFFEE CRUISING at Mordi – Saturday 22nd February

To all Sailors, friends and anyone who is interested in Coffee Cruising…..

This event is open to anyone and everyone, by car, boat or a long walk.

We will leave the Beach at 10:00 am and sail up to Parkdale whilst the re-building of the Edithvale Life Saving Club is almost finished, perhaps one more month and we can make a visit.

We normally return to the club at anytime b/w 12:00 and 12:30 pm in time for lunch and afternoon sailing.

Keep an eye on the calendar to see future scheduled cruises.





A perfect weather day is expected prior to a change in the ‘late afternoon’.

See you there!!!!!!



Special OPEN DAY – Saturday 5th October 2019

With weather conditions not conducive to many sailors, Mordialloc was still able to conduct racing on the first and last Sundays of the winter series, even when other clubs may have called it a day.

This weather was unfortunate but even so, on some Sundays, sailors were still able to go out for an hour or two just to get their weekly fix.

However, Sail Mordi and the Vic Dinghy Championships were well represented with over 90 boats on the Saturday and Sunday. It was a great success.
Mordialloc Sailing Club will now have a two week break, leading into our Open Day on Saturday 5th October.
This will be a very special Open Day as it will present to the members and public, both our new open skiff fleet of 11 boats to add to our current group of 5 boats plus one club boat. This creates an immediate fleet of seventeen boats in all.
This will be a most wonderful boost to our junior members from which point the clubs solid aim is to keep this fleet flourishing and increasing for years to come.
Additionally, we will present to the members and public, our new St Ayles skiff that is being built by interested parties who love building boats.
Both events will be considered milestones in the club’s history.
So to all members and friends, please ensure that you are down at the club by mid morning to be a part of the celebrations, to be part of club history and to ensure you do not miss out on the excitement.
Peter White

Sail Mordi (SM) and the Vic Dinghy Championships (VDC) – 31st Aug and 1st Sept

Sail Mordi (SM) and the Vic Dinghy Championships (VDC) are ready and raring to go for this weekend 31st August and the 1st September.


Registrations are available from 9 a.m. Saturday morning.
Information session at 1100 am and
Warning signal at 12 noon
Weather wise, Saturday is looking to be an ideal day of 7 to 10 knots while Sunday may have a couple of showers but still a good 7 to 10 knots.
This will be a good start to practice for those who are preparing themselves for the upcoming summer season which is only a month away.
Looking forward to a good fleet of boats vying for gold silver and bronze medals through the VDC and other trophies and vouchers via Sail Mordi.
Presentations will be made after racing. Hope to see you there

Sunday 11th August – Winter Series Racing is ON !!!!!!

To all Visitors & members

Mordialloc sailing club has always been a strong Club especially with iffy weather conditions.
If those conditions are sailable, Mordialloc is always there to participate.
Although the weather forecast for Sunday is a little cold and wet it appears the wind conditions are boarder line.
Therefore sailing is on tomorrow, Sunday 11th August at the club with a race management meeting on at 11 a.m., an information session at 12:00 noon and a start time of 1300 hours.
Further updates will be made at a later time.