Membership categories available include Family, Senior, Intermediate (up to 26 years), Junior (up to 19 years), Ancient Mariner, Social, Training and Cruising. Fees paid before 30th September will attract a 10% discount. New Members joining after the Christmas break and Sail trainees only pay 50% of the MSC fee.

Membership Handbook here

Boat Owners Declaration Form here

General Club Information & Membership Guide here

Membership Application form here

MSC Club Boat Usage & Charter Policy

MSC Club Boats -Members Casual Use Policy

MSC Boat Storage Policy

Membership Fees

Class Description If Paid Before 30th Sep
If Paid After 30th Sep
MSC Fee (Incl GST) MSC Fee (Incl GST)
Family Member, spouse and children under the age of 19 on June 30 2020. $445.50 $495
Senior Members 19 years and over on June 30 2020. $360.00 $400
Intermediate Members aged 19 – 25 years on June 30 2020 who choose not to become senior members..


Junior Members under the age of 19 years on June 30 2020 $109.80 $122
ANCM Members aged over 60 years who have completed 10 years continuous senior membership. $104.40 $116
Social Members aged over 18 years but without the following privileges: no vote, no racing rights. $104.40 $116
Community Group Members of community groups sharing club facilities approved by the Executive Committee $9 $10
Cruising Members who have a mooring in the creek and have the same rights as Social Members $45.00 $50

Storage Fees

Storage Level If Paid Before 30th Sep
If Paid After 30th Sep
Flying Fifteen $262.80 $292 1.     Yacht is sailed at least once per month during October to April.
If this is not the case the yacht may be moved (if practical) to middle or upper level storage.  Alternatively the club may request that the member remove the yacht completely from the yard.**2.     Yacht must be stored on a road trailer or trolley approved by the Yard Manager.3.     For Middle Level – Yacht must be stored on a trolley that fits the middle level rack.  The middle level racks are designed to accommodate a standard Laser trolley.  4. For Upper Level – Only Craft [boards, kayaks, masts etc.] are allowed to be stored on the upper level and must be secured to the racking. Note that in most cases the upper level rack requires 2 adults for loading and unloading).
Ground Storage $211.50 $235
Ground Storage Junior $113.40 $126
Middle Storage $156.60 $174
Middle Storage Junior $80.10 $89
Upper Storage $104.40 $116
Catamaran Storage $522.90 $581
O’pen Skiff Rack $45 $50
Board/SUP/Kayak Storage $45 $50
Winter Series $18.00 per week $18.00 per week

Please note that yacht storage is for active members only and is available at the discretion of the Executive committee. The use of the storage area is provided on the conditions as set out in the Boat Storage & Management Plan and Clause 11 of the Membership Handbook, both links found above.

**Please note that any refunds for changes to storage levels are subject to approval by the Executive Committee.
Key & Fob Charges. Keys to the storage yard are available from the Membership Secretary for a refundable deposit of $50.00. This will also enable the holder to access to the change rooms. Fobs for entry to the lane way gate will be available to new members also with a refundable deposit of $50. Replacement fobs will be at a non-refundable cost of $50.
Nomination Fee – New Member.
The nomination fee for new members will continue to be at no charge. NOTE: All payments made by credit card will incur a 1% surcharge.

For further details, contact the Membership Secretary.

Application Form

If you prefer, you may download and print the Member Application form. Complete the form and return to the club in person or by mail to the PO Box address provided on the form. (To open the form you must have the Adobe Reader installed which can be obtained from here (opens new window)).

If you have any questions regarding the membership application please contact the Membership Secretary.

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