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Can we help you? – How are you coping?

Saturday May 9 These are certainly strange and testing times we are all currently facing.  If the threat of the virus isn’t enough, we may also have current or developing economic, social and mental health challenges. The City of Kingston and … [Read More...]

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A Thank You Note to all from the Club Executive

To all Club Members, With an early close to season 2019/2020 due to unprecedented circumstances, the executive committee would like to thank each and every member involved during the season. It's a thank you to all the members who turned up … [Read More...]

What is SailPass?

What is a SailPass & why is it necessary? SailPass is a means by which a non-member can go sailing at your Club – it’s a form of introductory or short-term membership (for a day or days). It offers safe, quick, easy and affordable access to … [Read More...]

St Ayles Skiff: Progress Report

Feb 2020: Sea trials & some rowing practice. 'She Floats'! DETAILS OF THE STEAMERS RUN: Dear all,              planning for the Steamers Run is going well as you would expect given it is only 3 weeks away. Some of us have already … [Read More...]

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4th Week of MAY 2020 – Some Music to Get You Going 👌😊🚩

While we are all still in 'lock down' and for those moping around the house, here is a song or two to inspire, and stimulate you to get off the lounge chair and do something. You will need to copy & paste to your browser to know what the article … [Read More...]

Details on the Remainder of Season 2019/20 – UPDATED Revision 19th March

This article is to advise club members and volunteers of the latest status of events and club racing for the remainder of the season 2019/20. THE INFORMATION IN THIS ARTICLE MAY CHANGE AT ANYTIME. The information from this article will also … [Read More...]

RESCHEDULE OF THE MJP (54th) & ‘M’ (18th) Trophies

Re-Schedule *The 54th running of the MJ Patterson trophy and the 18th running of the 'M' trophy at Mordialloc has been reschedule to Saturday 4th April using an  'M' Course rather than a 'trap' or rectangular course. Every one has an even chance … [Read More...]

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