Coffee Cruising a big hit at MSC

Saturday 20th Jan the Coffee Cruisers arrived at Edithvale for a delightful morning. A near record 14 members in 10 water craft!!! – Impressive. Although John thought it might be quicker to walk home… it wasn’t, as the breeze did come up.
See you all again soon.

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Sabre News Report

Only three sabres – Rod Dingfelder, Peter White & Drew Henry faced the start line with Adam Doble doing some cruising with girl friend Ella to make four on the water.

The two races sailed were most important to those on the water as they decided the Championship and Perpetual series for the season.

The lead changed a number of times in both races with a shifting and puffy E/SE breeze. Drew rounded first at the top mark in both races closely followed by Peter and Rod and the race was on.

In the first race Peter then rounded the leeward mark several boat lengths ahead of Drew with both taking advantages of any wind changes in the final upwind leg. Peter kept a slight lead to the finish.

In the second race both drew and Peter were close the whole race with Drew rounding the weather mark the second time with a 30 metre lead but unfortunately Drew tipped in backwards trying to keep the lead. Drew showed wonderful sportsmanship by surfacing with a smile and chuckle, commenting to Peter as he passed that “it was bound to happen sometime.” It wasn’t the expected mumble, mumble !#@$% for losing the lead. Peter finally finished ahead of Drew and Rod but with a DSQ for Peter for being over the line at the start the Perpetual trophy series saw both Drew and Peter equal on points for the Perpetual trophy. Rod with his consistency and attendance on nearly every Saturday took out 3rd place in both the Championship and Perpetual and 1st in the Aggregate.

I would like to personally thank all Sabre sailors for their attendance and support of the club and the class throughout the season. Next year I would like to concentrate a bit more on the middle fleet and those who are just learning the ropes. So if you have any ideas, please contact me to discuss.

Great season Sabres.

Sabre Report

A poor forecast kept a number of members away from the PM sailing which in fact turned out to be a most enjoyable, even if it was 20 knots before and during the first race before easing off to 15 knots for the second race under blue skies.

Peter White narrowly won from Drew Henry who had headed to the Laser mark before realising the error which gave Peter the lead. Rod Dingfelder sailed a solid race for third.

The second race was full of controversy before the start with Hank calling Drew away for the start line incorrectly thinking that it was an Optimist start. Drew being the nice guy that he is, did the right thing and gybed away to re-approach the line but before he could get there, the start gun went leaving Drew some 20 meters behind. Greg Heins joined in for race two and won from Peter with Drew only “20 metres” behind. Rod sailed another good race for 4th.


Foot note:Hank shouted Drew back at the club house and all hard feelings forgotten.

Sabre Report

Sabre Report

The 38th Victorian State Championships were held at Black Rock over the long weekend of 9-11 March 2013. With Chris Dance and Peter Hacket sailing in the Tazer state titles the number one spot was up for grabs. We had 57 entries including three from South Australia and two from the far West.

The conditions on Saturday were light and fickle to say the least. In the second race we had a 25 degree wind shift not long after the start which separated the fleet and left a number of top sailors shaking their heads and having to use that race as their discard. I rounded the first mark in about 45th and approx 10 minutes behind the leader.

Sunday started off looking like a windy race but it was dying down even as we went out, we ended up racing in about an 8-10knt breeze with lumpy seas. We had good starting practise in the first race with 3 false starts due to a. Windy direction changes b. Timing errors and c. a general recall. Much to the disgust of Greg and Drew, who would have had a very good legitimate start, which as we know in a bit fleet is half the battle. Speaking of battles, the second race saw a real bang up derby at the rescue boat end with only 10 seconds to go. Boats were going in every direction, I have the dings to prove it. I was hit in the back starboard side which pushed me around onto Port and then it was a game of pin ball as we all bumped and tried to push each other away. No point in protesting as there were too many involved and who knows how it really started, although I have my suspicions.

We were lucky enough to have an experienced International judge/umpire patrolling the water and he gave us his views on the interpretation of rule 42 “Propulsion”. It’s amazing how paranoid you can be when the umpire is looking at you. After the event the thing that stood out the most for me was that we don’t use rule 42 enough to our advantage. You are allowed to pump the sail once per wave to induce surfing and also use your weight the steer the boat up and down waves. It is when you start pumping 2 or more times regularly and ooching the boat that is when they consider it cheating and jump on you very quickly. Worth reading up on.

Drew and Greg didn’t have a great series as they were caught on the wrong side of a couple of big shifts, I had a bit more luck [other than race 2] and managed to end up 11th overall. Black Rock certainly can be an interesting place to sail in lighter breezes, but we all benefitted from the starting practice and trying to second guess Hughey.

Finally, rumour has it that Greg has ordered an new Irwin sail

Contribution provided by Sabre Special Regattas Reporter Colin White

Sabre Report – 23 Feb ’13

Sabre Report

The Black Rock boys were back again with 4-5 boats to booster the numbers to 13 on the water. Greg Heins made an appearance early but was not well enough to sail.

The Mordi fleet conducted themselves fairly well with 3rds & 4ths and other competitive finishes in a light shifting breeze. Tony Thompson was well up in the fleet early along with Troy Rogers whilst Jenny Molan was close by. Adam Doble, John O’Neil and Daniel Vianna tended to cruise around rather than race. A great day had by all.

Sabre News for 16th Feb

Sabre Report

The John Seeber Memorial Teams Race with 24 boats, only just managed to complete one race but with an amazingly close finish. Black Rock Yacht Club (BRYC) was most generous in splitting their four separate teams of four into, two experienced and two non-experienced sailors and this made for a very open race.









Final results were: Mordialloc (Colin 2nd, Drew 4th, Rod & Peter 10th) 16 points, BRYC2 on 16 points and the overall winner was BRYC1 on 15 points. Drew complained later that if an Opti had not got in his way near the finish (where he slipped from 2nd to 4th) Mordi may have won – it was that close.

I am sure that for next year and as a first, a ladies team can be organised to participate.

Also to compete for Mordi2 were: Cassy, Jenny, Troy and John. Both Jenny and John said they would rather cruise than race but were generous enough to have a go and sail at the back of the fleet to support the team – well done.

I firmly believe that you can gain and learn so much by being in a fleet and watching how the others sail.










Chris Dance, Steve Douglass, Geoff Dresser, Randall Graham (Not Pictured)



To all,

1)      The July night out was attended by 14 members and proved to be a success for those who were there. We will try it again during next winter. A most pleasing element were the apologies received from every other Sabre member who could not attend – much appreciated. We may even try one night out in January ’13 before we re-start after Christmas – its up to you.

2)      The season is fast approaching with this coming Sunday 23rd Sept, the last Winter series day to get in some practice before the lay-day Grand Final on 30th Sept.

The first Summer race of the season is on 6th October with Opening Day and the Mordialloc Cup. It would be appreciated if everyone could bring a plate of cakes/biscuits etc. to help our Canteen people. AroundMordi will have more on that closer to the day.

3)      All MSC boats must now have their class description and sail number marked on their trailer as easy identification of those racing on the bay. Use a marker pen.

If a storm hits, its better to know who it is that the race officials are looking for.

Also it is easier for you to find your own trailer after coming ashore.

4)      Book II of MSC History is still on sale for those who have not bought a copy to date. This book is breaking all best seller records and is on the best seller list at the club J, so don’t miss out. $40 if you collect with postage of $10 if you want it mailed.

5)      For the inexperienced sailors who want to commit to sailing on most weekends, we will try and do some AM practice with some theory and on water (mainly) drills. Remember, the only way to improve is to sail regularly – time on the water is so important.

6)      We will also cater for cruising in both the AM & PM with our first coffee cruise on 10th November. Start time will be around 10:15am. In the PM – you can cruise around at your leisure with some assistance b/w races, if time permits.

7)      The Sabre Training Weekend is scheduled for 13th & 14th October at Black Rock commencing approx. 9:00 am onwards. It’s a worthwhile two days to get motivated and thinking about how to sail and enjoy sailing.


Time to get going with a wonderful year ahead, remembering that we can’t do this forever and when we do stop, we’ll look back at these years as some of our best – so live them now.


Let’s continue to make the Sabres a friendily and supportive class.

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Sabre News – 28th April ’12

Sabre Report 

It was another record for the sabres last Saturday with 17 club boats and one visitor to make 18 boats on the day. Again, all those who attended should be congratulated for their effort. It is so much better when classes have their full or near full compliment of boats on the water. Better from both a social and sailing point of view and with such a good feeling in the air, it is hoped that it can be continued on into next season.

Fourteen boats, including one visitor Glen from BRYC started the first race with another four boats preferring to cruise in the morning (Ryan Bargholz & Daniel with son Sam Vianna) and afternoon (Adam, Tony Gorbaty).

Congratulations to Trevor and Drew for both winning a race each last Saturday!!








Dave boat in the foreground with Rod and Trevor’s boat behind.  Drew and Jenny’s boat are also obvious.








A photo from the other end of the rigging area.

Contribution provided by Class Reporter Peter White