Selina II 12sq. Metre Sharpie # 75


This International 12 Metre Sharpie was built alongside the Maribynong River in 1948 for Mr Bert Grice; well known patron and ex-Commodore of the Frankston Yatch Club.

She was named “UB 2” after the blood livestock brand. She was skippered by the late Alby Merman RAN, OBE and sailing master; the late Jim White. She raced at Frankston until 1956-57, when Jim White bought her and UB 2 joined the growing fleet of sharpies at Mordialloc 12 sq. Metre Sailing Club on the island at Mordialloc Creek.

She raced against some of Australia’s finest sailors; namely Sire James Hardy, Rolly Tasker and John Cuneo.

In 1960 Clive Hearne of Mordialloc bought her for 130 pounds and renamed her Selina II after his mother.

Race Record

Mordialloc was still a one class club with an average of 12-15 Sharpies racing every Saturday.

Between 1960 and 1964 Selina II won the Club Championship/Aggregiate double four times andding to Jim White’s four doubles of the previous 4 years, making 8 consecutive years, a record still to this day.

In 1964, the last Australian Championship for 12sq. Metre Sharpies was won by Selina II capped off by winning the Tomlinson Memorial Trophy for 12sq. Metres.

After winning the 1964 Victorian title the Mordialloc fleet was disbanded to make way for the faster and cheaper Australian modified, plywood hull Lightweight Sharpie.

Selina II was sold for $180 and was raced at Wagga Wagga Yacht Club along with other ex-Mordialloc Sharpies – Ovaltiny, Sabre and Impala.


Allan Rock, Commodore of Mordialloc Sailing Club 1980-81 suggested the club should have a representative model of the class the Club was founded on. Bill Templeton, a foundation member of the Club offered to pay the purchase price for  a suitable ex-Mordialloc Sharpie.

Selina had sat in a hay shed in Wagga for four years and was fortunately in a sound condition needing a redecking and general overhaul of her original cotton sails. She was purchased in 1981 for $400 and towed back to Melbourne by Allan Rock and Ken Venn. Work commenced immediately by Malcombe Bennet and a band of dedicated sailors, who restored Selina to the condition that you see her today.

Thanks to the generous donations of the Club’s “Old Timers”, Selina was relaunched on opening Day 1981 by bill Templeton, MLA.


Selina is on the National Register of Vintage and Veteran Yachts in N.S.W. and is the last remaining active 12sq. Metre Sharpie on a Victorian Yacht Club register.