Summary of the MJP and ‘M’ Trophies

What a wonderful day’s sailing the club had with the M.J. Petterson and M trophies being decided in two close finishes.

With a light sea breeze in the morning, the Tackers and Open Skiffs we’re out on the water early enjoying a gentle southerly breeze.

Our valued friends from MMYC arrived at 12:00 noon and were self organised into groups of two for their sailing experience in a Pacer dinghy. This was a great help to Drew who was trying to allocate the visitors into boats without knowing names.

Race management headed by Garry and Crawford explained to the member volunteers what to expect for the MJ Patterson & M trophies being something completely different.
With the juniors from the morning sessions included, there were close to 40 boats participating.
The MJ Petterson is a stern chaser where the list experienced sailors start with a specific earlier time whilst those more experienced sailors start at a later time. First boat across the line wins.

The hope of course is that all boats in the fleet finish at the same time but of course this has not happened in the 55 year history of the trophy.

As boats finish the MJP course, this becomes the M trophy’s start time.As all boats finish the M course (the second race), their elapsed time is calculated and divided by their class yardstick. The quickest time wins.This was the 20th anniversary of the M trophy.

Back on shore and after all boats had unrigged, Jeffrey put on a sausage sizzle for the well-deserved sailors visitors and volunteers.
A warming presentation took place at 5:30 pm with the following winners:

MJP.    Grace Golinski  (Open Skiff) 

M       Grace Golinski  (Open Skiff)

MJP.    Chris Thorpe     (Sharpie)

M        Darren Sheriff   (Pacer)

First MMYC Visitor

Mic & Carol


In the handicapped off-the-beach race (MJP):

52% finished within 5 minutes of the winner.

93% finished within 10 minutes of the winner.


All 9 Open Skiffs finished within 5 minutes of the winner. The last four boats finished within 36 seconds of each other.
These statistics are in line with the previous 2 to 3 runnings of the MJP. With the atmosphere on shore, at the beach start and at the presentation, it is well worth the effort put in by members.
Many thanks to all the Race Management member volunteers who put in another seamless race day. Thanks to all the sailors that turned up on the day. It really did make for a wonderful afternoon. 

Thanks to our MMYC visitors. We look forward to next year’s event hosted by the MMYC.