M.J.Petterson (56th Year) and ‘M’ (20th Year) trophies

The MJP & ‘M’ trophies will be conducted this weekend along with visitors from MMYC who wish to experience dinghy sailing.

This event will be one continual race, starting from the beach and once you cross the finish line for the MJP, it automatically becomes your start of the ‘M’ Trophy.

Both races to be conducted using an ‘M’ type course

Some MMYC members may wish to swap over from a rib to a dinghy after crossing the finishing line for the first race or they may just wish to cruise around.

Further details on the day’s events will be provided at the information session.

The M.J. Petterson Trophy will start from ‘off-the-beach’ with individually allocated start times available from 12:00 noon.

Course time will be based on a Laser Radial completing the course in 50 minutes.

‘M’ Trophy – Once you cross the finish line for the MJP, this automatically becomes your start for the ‘M’ Trophy.
Complete the course by crossing the finish line as per normal practice.

For the Open Skiff course – boat times, course and time limit will be determined on the day.

There will be an information session at 1:00 p.m. and an ‘off the beach’ start time of 2:00 p.m.