Update: LBG Regatta – Sunday 21st March


Update: The LBG Regatta cup is mainly based on the number of entrants on the day and so far MSC is doing well with 10 entrants. only headed by BYC on 11 entries..

This is a great effort by club members BUT we need more registrations to keep ahead of BYC. So Sharpie crews, Lasers, and even Open skiffs, please see if you can attend. It will be like any other sailing day, except it will be at BYC on Sunday.

LBG is only a relative new concept that it is hoped will provide benefits to all clubs.

We have a great opportunity to sail against other sailors from other classes all the way from Frankston to Beaurmaris (Long Beach Group of clubs (LBG).

It would be terrific to have bragging rights for the next 12 months by winning the LBG Regatta. All we have to do is be there in numbers and sail, to win the coveted trophy which currently is head by Frankston.

So how do we do that?

Instead of sailing on Saturday, we sail on Sunday at Beaurmaris which is only a few minutes down the road. It’s only a small adjustment in your weekend routine to bring

We are asking all club members to put in the effort and turn up at Beaurmaris, This Sunday coming 21st March.

We want to be a strong club, well, here is the chance to show it.

Entry can be found on their web site. It’s easy to enter and its free.