And now it is time for a serious competition!

Call it trivia, call it general knowledge, call it what you will – these are themed questions of great importance. Form a team of those you live with, or those you want to live with… or just your friends, BUT THE CATCH IS EACH TEAM MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE CHILD > Teams of three Junior Sailors even better!

Best Team Name Wins a prize! (who is in your team)

20 questions, first to complete all 20 wins a prize!* (there may also be 2nd & 3rd)

Send your answers to  HERE!      ………to be continued next week

Your Questions start now…

What is the premier sailing race in Australia?

In which country will the Olympic games be held in 2021?

What did John Bertrand do?

How many gold medals did Paul Elstrom win?

How many gold medals did Ben Ainslie win?

In which country will the America’s cup 2021 be held?

What does AS stand for in sailing management?

Which boat has the higher yard stick?

a).  Sabre.   b).  Optimist.  c). Open Skiff.  d).  Laser

What class of boat was the original Club based on?

a). The Sabot.  b). The Lightweight sharpie   c).  The Laser  d). The Heavy weight sharpie

* Don’t worry, the prize will be something good.

Kids! > Bonus points for JOKES.
Send your best sailing related Jokes to (HERE)

Submit Photos for the Best Photo of 2019/2020!

Little Murray Parsons sailing Cassy Rae’s Sabot.

If you have a nomination for photo of the year (2019/2020), send it in, this is now a competition and there will be a prize!!!
Photos must be taken at MSC and capture the essence of ‘Sailing at Mordi’

ps, the photo above does not comply to photo comp rules, sorry.

Send your photos to Drew.