St Ayles Skiff: our next building night – Thursday the 4th of April at 6.00pm and Sunday the 7th of April at 10.00 am

We have had a very productive few weeks of building and we now have the temporary frames secured to the building jig and all 4 ribs fabricated. (ref attached pic)
The next job is to fabricate the Stems and the keel timber before starting on the planking.

We must mention Mentone & Parkdale community bank  for getting behind this project.
Without their support it would not be happening.


Just a quick update for this week.

Geoffrey recently returned from St Ayles Skiffing in Tassie and Warnambool with lots of stories and enthusiasm.
Last Thursday night we finished the building jig and also had a visit from Rod from the Franklin Living Boat Foundation. It was great to have another skiff person sharing what we are doing.
Sunday was a special day this week as we really started the build. Richard Lozell (our build advisor and club member) gave us all a lesson in safe use of Bote Cote epoxy and demonstrated how to glue one of the ribs together without spreading glue all over the workshop.
So we now have the bow template fitted and the first rib partially completed.
Next Thursday evening (14th) we plan to complete the other 3 ribs.
If we get this done on Thursday night then next Sunday we will start erecting all temporary frames with ribs attached.
if you are planning to come down next Thursday and have access to some timber clamps, could you please bring them along. We have 8 but need about another 16 if possible.
To all those who we have seen so far, thanks for your help. To those who haven’t had a chance to get down yet, don’t worry there is plenty of opportunity still to come.