Rear Commodore’s Report for February 2019

A lot has been going on behind the scenes during February to ensure the club has a terrific program to follow.

Even though the M.J. Peterson and the ‘M’ trophies were cancelled on the 9th of February both will be resailed on the 27th of April whilst the Pacer Family Fun Day was a great success.
* The coffee cruisers have been continuing once every three weeks or so and this has been quite successful. It is encouraged that more boats participate for a most relaxing and enjoyable morning prior to the afternoon racing. Rigged and ready to sail at 10:00 am.All are welcome!
A number of other activities have been continuing behind the scenes these being:
* The club is continuing to finalize the lease agreement we have with the City of Kingston for the next 21 years
* Mordialloc college will be attending the club on the 2nd April as a well-being day for the school. We hope to attract some interest from these boys.
* The Long Beach group of clubs regatta will be held on the 23rd of March at Frankston (as we all know) and I’m sure you have seen many emails and articles on the website that explain much of the happenings.
* LWS – 2nd leg of the Victorian titles will be held on the 16th of March.
* The St Ayles skiff is slowly progressing with most of the frames and tools ready to go. This should be a most exciting activity.
* We are waiting to hear back from the Pacer association regarding the national titles in December.
Remember it’s your club and it’ll only be a great Club if you continue to support it in the way you do.