Rear Commodore’s Report – If we don’t race, it does not mean we don’t sail. There is a difference.

Welcome to the winter series that ‘kicked off’ last Sunday, 5th August with an AP over A meaning ‘no racing’. However that did not mean no sailing.

Four brave Sharpies, an RXS?, a fireball and one or two other classes rigged but only 2 Sharpies and the fireball ventured out past the pier to be greeted with 25 plus knots. Grant Nichols swore that one gust hit hard at around 35 knots – a tough day at the office.

All boats capsized at least once with the fireball breaking its centre board.

It is an important reminder that when boats are out for a sail after a cancelled / abandonment, that they stay in close proximity to one another in case one or more boats have a breakage. It is easier to look after a smaller area.

Bart Scheen, Graeme Fisher and son Jensen took out one of the ducks to monitor the boats and was called on to assist the fireball. Thankfully there was no other major damaged on the day.


The club is looking forward to a busy season ahead with events such as:

Winter series, Spring Sail, Sail Mordi,  Sail Melbourne and The Mosquito Australian titles (29th Dec to 3rd Jan).


Also to look forward to are the following events:

The Club Summer season, Coffee Cruises, Discover Sailing Day, Sailability, Kids in Sharpies Day, Sharpie races, Mordi Cup, M.J. Petterson, ‘M’ Trophy, Family Fun Pacer Day, Casual Sailing after work in February, a possible Adventure sailing day, Schools Teams Racing, Sabre Teams Racing and Junior and Adult training … and I’m sure there is one or two others I may have missed.

With all these events happening, there are plenty of opportunities to assist with Race Management in any form you wish. This assistance is so important for the functioning of the club which would not be able to operate as it currently does. So be rest ashored that everyone is welcome to contribute.

Additionally the club is looking into the concept of a Long Beach Group consisting of the Beaumaris, Parkdale, MSC, CYC, Carrum, Frankston sailing clubs. This concept has been tried on two separate occasions. However this is a different time with different people.

A meeting will be conducted soon to find common ground and discuss issues that may advantage all concerned. A regatta of some sort with a date of TBA will also be discussed.  Stay tuned.


This year’s Sailing Committee members consist of:

Position Member’s Name
Rear Commodore Peter White
Minutes Secretary Stephen Griffiths
Race Management Co-Ordinator Crawford Wintersgill
Sail Training Co-Ordinator Dale Collings
Discover Sailing Principle Dale Collings
Junior Training Co-Ordinator Graeme Fisher
Class Rep. for:      Sharpie Grant Nichols
Class Rep. for:      Tasar Simon Lee
Class Rep. for:     Laser Stephen Griffiths
Class Rep. for:     Sabre John Hutton
Class Rep. for:     Miscellaneous Julie Rewell



Peter White (R/C)