Family Pacer Challenge 2018, a Huge success!

The MSC Family Pacer Challenge was held on Sunday 4th March in ‘difficult’ conditions.

Families who had not sailed together as families for many many years, Parents and Children, Partners young & old bonding together as a team to become the MSC Ultimate Sailing Family… no, not really… it was an MSC initiative to encourage families who perhaps don’t have the chance, to get out on the water and have FUN. (A little bit of friendly competition never hurts though)
And what a great group of Women & Girls in Sailing (WGIS) – all out sailing together.

Big thanks to Bart & Jill for this great family initiative, and thanks to all the volunteers, race crew, helpers and family partners who made it all happen.
Here are a few photos from the day, more to come I’m sure, and perhaps some video too.



thanks to Australian Sailing to the loan of the boats.

Here is a link to a great video by Australian Sailing