Another Great Weekend of Sailing for the MJP & ‘M’ Trophies – 24th March

It was the 52nd running of the M.J. Petterson trophy and the 16th running of the ‘M’ trophy.

The days events could not have been scripted any better considering the bleak conditions at 10:30 am last Saturday 24th March. Everybody knows that sailors dislike the rain (because they get wet), they dislike not having some blue sky (because it affects their tan) and with no wind or too much win means you can’t sail.

So with a cold 20 knot SW wind, big seas, mist, no blue sky and rain, the intrepid sailors who had arrived and there was only 5 – 6, the idea of a sail was not directly on their minds. What more likely was on their minds was a coffee and a donut from Dorothy which went down very well might I say.

Also with limited race management crews available, a dry afternoon and a chat was very much on the cards.

Then within 30 mins the wind died out to zero knots, the seas flattered, some blue sky began to appeared and the rain and mist disappeared. So with no wind “a dry afternoon and a chat was very much on the cards” – still.

By about 12:30ish, the wind started to filter in from the North, first gradually then consistently. As conditions improved a few more boats appeared and so did a few more volunteers (thank goodness).

Crawford called for an information session to explain the handicap procedure, ‘trap’ezoid course configuration and requested for any volunteers who did not want to sail.

With handicaps allotted for all, it was time to get change and be on the beach ready for an off-the-beach start. Numbers were called out by Crawf from one, to designate the number of minutes after the start time 2:00 pm.

Individual staggered starts applied to all boats with the Opties off first followed by the Sabres, the Radials, a Finn and the Tasars – a fleet of 14 in all.

The wind was a good 10-15+ knots at times swinging back and forth but steady as Northerlies go. Some boats (who shall remain anonymous) missed the finish line for the MJP which was also the start time for the ‘M’ trophy.

All in all it was a most enjoyable days racing considering what might have been if the sailors were less positive about sailing early on, for these great trophies.

There is only a trophy for first place in these two events but the first 3 placegetters are listed below.

The winners were:

M.J. Petterson trophy:   1.  Mal Parsons   2. Yuri Tikanov   3.   Drew Henry

‘M’ trophy:                        1.   Mal Parsons  2.   Drew Henry  3.   John Eriksson

In past years the popularity of both these trophies has dwindled more so for the fact that e.g. if you sail a Sabre and a Flying Fifteen passes you half way up the first windward leg, you do not think it is worth participating, then things need to change.

This has occurred in the last 3 years were it now appears that the club have the handicaps more accurately calculated than ever before as the following results in the last 3 years will testify.


70% of the fleet finished within 1 minute 46 seconds of each other.


The majority of the fleet finished within 6 minutes of each other.


75% of the fleet finished within 4 minutes of each other.

This information should now encourage all members to give the MJP & ‘M’ trophy events a try next year because now everyone has the chance to win. These long standing trophy events are part of the fabric and history of the club which should not be left to die a slow death but to be given life via your participation in the years ahead.