How to Get to Sail Your Brothers Brand New Sabre in One Easy Lesson, Without Really Trying.

Title Credit – Crawford W.

A story by Peter White from Colin Whites perspective.  🙂

If you have ever been a little jealous of your brother who has just bought a brand new Sabre whilst yours is 5 years old and he was putting it in the water for only the second time ever, then to relieve that sort of pain, the following method is a great way to do so.


On Saturday 26th August, in a NW breeze of anything from 12 to 18 knots, I (Colin) helped my brother (Peter) rig his new boat, measure specific rake lengths and set up an adjustable shroud that could be adjusted once, in between races.

As my brother launched the boat and was about to jump in, he (Peter) started jumping up and down with pain and started backing back the boat to the shore.

I (Colin) said “what’s wrong.”

“I think I’ve been bitten. Can’t walk.”

So I helped Peter put the boat back on the trolley and back on the beach. I asked if he was OK and he said yes. So I got in the boat and went for a sail.


Whilst I had a great sail in a good breeze apparently Peter had either stepped sideways on glass, a metal spike or a small stingray. Chris Thorpe help pull the boat up the shore whilst Peter sat on the side for the ride (What a wooze)!

After plenty of ice from Chris Thorpe, advice from Louise Hosie, Cheryl Taylor and assistance from Dot with a cup of hot coffee and meat pie and a tie for the ice (how goods this), the foot was starting to get a little worse with the surrounding area getting very sensitive. Mike O’Connor was good enough to take Peter to the hospital where he had an X-ray, local anesthetic, tetanus injection and a stitch in the wound.

PS: He never became delusional at the hospital.


Back on shore and after a bit of talk around the bar and drinking area, a conspiracy theory evolved from nothing after a innocent comment was made that “but ‘he’ has a new boat and mine is 5 years old.”

Men can get silly ideas for a further laugh in these situations and the theory grew. Several members started kicking around the idea that it was Colin that had planted a few spikes in the area where Peter usually launched from the beach. Of course he vigorously denied the accusations. Others suggested that it may have even been a shark or a crocodile  🙂 but I think those ideas were dismissed. 


Further ideas one can use are:

Help your brother rig his boat – A good way to set up for revenge.

Oh, you hurt yourself Peter – Take that I (Colin) thought as I sailed off whilst not even looking back.

I think Colin must have thought that he better see how the new boat owner was getting along, so kindly drove him back to the club – To deflect the attention – what you hurt yourself, oh dear I didn’t know.


Peter is unable to sail today (Sunday 27th Aug) and suggested that Colin sail the new boat for him. Funny enough he (Colin) jumped at the chance. Don’t know why?