The Club Raffle – Great Prizes – Buy tickets here

RAFFLE TICKETS for you to sell…or buy right here

the Hideaway

Your club is running a raffle to raise some funds for to support the Pacer fleet. Great prizes, a maximum of only 700 tickets, this will be a major fundraiser for the year.

Check out First prize here

Books of tickets are available for you to sell to your raffle ticket buying network of family, friends and work collegues. By now you should have at least one book.

Tickets are $10.00, yes ten dollars for a one in …depending on how many tickets we sell… up to 700 chance.

Great Prizes including seven nights at a luxury holiday house on the Gippsland lakes to be used at your leisure.

Monies and tickets must be returned by SEPTEMBER 17.

We thank you for your support.