The final Hoorah – Gatsby night (with photos)

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Well that’s it, a GRAND Great Gatsby night was had by all and we have many people to thank and photos to view.

Thanks to everyone who helped setting up , cleaning up, manning the bar, etc.  Particular thanks must go to the following:

  • Allicia Rae for some pretty awesome cocktails,

  • Tony and Karen Thompson – decorations, music and old time movies,

  • Drew Henry – Cocktail shopping & signwriting (artistic talent within our own midst)

  • Stuart Brown – Bar stock & financial support.

  • Graeme Fisher – Handcrafted Trophies

  • Dorothy and Con for a fabulous meal, but most importantly

  • Gill and Bart Scheen (from Gatsby photo surrounds, to palatial entry curtains, to ceiling decorations, to an elevated set of balloon nets and even a saucy Toucan in a gold cage that doubled as a piñata!!)

Thank you to all for such a fantastic night.

Greg Gleason