Sabre State Titles 2017

Last weekend 4 intrepid sailors from Mordialloc ventured down to Somers to try our luck at the states against a field of approx. 60. Chris, Drew, Jeremy Elmslie and myself.

Day 1 –

                After rigging in the cold and wet we headed out in a slight 5 knot breeze until the other 20 Knots joined in. It wasn’t just the wind but also the rain coming in at us sideways that actually hurt. After about 15  minutes the race was called off, so we all headed back to shore. By the time we got back in, it was down to 10-15. After a lunch break the wind settled down to a stead 15+ knots, however the same could not be said for the direction, it kept swinging around all day. Now once you think you have mastered the shifts the next thing to do is to master the windward mark rounding’s due to the strong tides. Someone (and I won’t mention my name) took 3 attempts then decided it was easier just to run over the top of the mark and do the 360 after.

Chris 16 19 18
Drew 25 17 21
Jeremy [34] 23 25
Colin 9 16 [17]

Day 2 –

                Wasn’t looking the best as the squalls came through, but things settled and we got out for another 2 races to finish the series.

Chris 19 [29] 18
Drew 21 [26] 22
Jeremy 8 28 21
Colin 10 10 13

 Clearly the outstanding performer was Jeremy who was having a his first sail in the Sabre. His 8th in the fourth race was exceptional. Clearly the kid knows how to sail and will be an asset to Chris Dance in the Taser world titles this year.


o   Clear air – if you can’t pace it with the leaders don’t start right next to them. Instead concentrate on getting to clear air.

o   Know who is around you – Don’t over point at the start to upset the boat immediately above you, when it turns out it is one of your mates. Sorry about that Drew

o   Look out for  people doing stupid things – EG. People who tack directly in front of you without giving you time to avoid them. This happened to me in both race 2 & 3 costing a number of places

o   Starting with a strong current – there is no point being on the line at the start boat 1 minute before the start when you are just going to be pushed down by the strong current. Look to see what the local people are doing.


The Somers Yatch club ran a very good series and the volunteers all made themselves known.


Colin White 

Yensid II