with Lisa Darmanin

Jack Bretherton and Jensen Engelhardt spent four days in Geelong at Springsail Regatta and Coaching Clinic, Royal Geelong Yacht Club, 17th to 20th September 2016.

Saturday was really windy, gusts to 20 knots. The waves were smaller than what we would expect at Mordialloc. Many boats capsized.  Some Optimists stayed ashore. Jack and I started all four back to back races.

On Sunday the conditions where much calmer. Winds of about 10 knots at most. We sailed three heats before the wind almost completely disappeared.

It was really fun to sail from a different club. Final results for the Mordialloc Optimists, Jensen in 20th, Jack in 22nd.

On Monday and Tuesday, we had a coaching clinic. We did some starting practice, roll tacking, roll gybing, balance games and a capsize race to see who could bail out their boat the fastest.

On Monday night we met Rio Olympic medallist Lisa Darmanin. She let me hold her Silver medal, it was heavy. Lisa gave a talk about sailing the Nacra 17.

The 2017 Optimist State Championships will be held at Royal Geelong Yacht Club

I had a great time in Geelong.


By Jensen Engelhardt.