Stronger Communities Grants Program

13082696_1184997214878003_1288396675201826187_nMark Dreyfus QC MP,  announces that he has recommended $20,000 for the club to buy four new dinghies in the second round of the Stronger Communities Grants Program.

A huge thank you to Mark, Tim Richardson (local State Member) and Cr Ron Brownlees (representing the City of Kingston) for your ongoing support of your community. The support we get from you enables us to offer sailing to all quarters of our community, and it impresses me no end to see people who move in the most influential of circles wanting no more than the very best opportunities for their constituents. At local, state and federal levels, we are represented by the very best. Talk to these people – you could not pick what side of politics they come from – they just want the best for our community!!

Could we ask for more than this?


Greg Gleason,

Commodore of Mordialloc Sailing Club.